4 Reasons To Replace Your Old Garage Door

As a homeowner, there is going to be maintenance that is needed not only to keep your home looking beautiful but to also keep you and your family safe. One of these aspects of your home includes your garage door. Since the garage door sits on the exterior of your home, typically facing the front, it makes a difference in the appearance of your home and it also makes a difference in safety since older garage doors can easily be manipulated by thieves. Here are four reasons to consider replacing your older garage door (through professionals such as those from Advanced Door Service):

  1. Adds Value: Older garage doors can definitely decrease the value of your home. This is because, if you plan on selling your home, home buyers are going to offer lower prices because they are going to want to set aside some money to replace the garage door themselves. You can definitely attract more home buyers and get higher offers if you replace the garage door. 
  2. Better Insulation: Having a well-insulated garage door is important for keeping energy bill costs low and to ensure that when you park your car in the garage, it is not going to suffer from any of the outdoor weather effects. This means no condensation and you can leave the house in a warm car in the winter and a nice cool car in  the summer. Older garage doors typically have poor insulation because of the wear and tear and the design. New garage doors are designed with an extra focus on the insulation factor. 
  3. Lower Maintenance: Older garage doors likely have a good amount of maintenance that you need to provide regularly. Newer garage doors will significantly reduce the amount of time you need to put into maintenance. This can even save you money on the maintenance costs that you normally put into the garage door every year.
  4. Lower Your Home Insurance: Home insurance companies like to see that their customers are living in the safest conditions possible. This is because it reduces their risk of having to help cover any damages that are made to your home. Since older garage door can be manipulated by thieves, this increases the chance of having to file a claim. Older garage doors can even be more severely damaged by bad weather conditions. Home insurance companies will likely reduce your premium when you install a new garage door. 

When you know these four reasons to consider replacing your old garage door, you can see why the benefits outweigh the initial installation costs.    

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