Three Ways Farmers Can Benefit By Using Propane

Propane gas is a reliable source of energy that is used by a variety of people and industries. Business owners and homeowners use propane for many different reasons including heating, cooling, and cooking. Even farmers are able to utilize propane gas for many of their needs. Here are three ways farmers can benefit from using propane.

Cut Irrigation Costs

One huge expense for farmers, especially in dryer climates, is how much it costs to irrigate their crops. There are many factors when it comes to calculating irrigation costs, such as how many acres are being irrigated, what kind of crop is being raised, and how often the crops needed to be irrigated. With all of these different factors, one thing is certain - using propane instead of diesel can help cut irrigation costs.

In 2014, farmers were able to cut their irrigation costs by 40% when using irrigation engines powered by propane. According to results from the Propane Education & Research Council's Propane Farm Incentive Program, engines that run on propane also cost less to purchase.

Keep Animal Containment Areas Warm

Propane offers a great way to not only keep the farmhouse, but also the animal containment areas, heated during the cold winter months. In fact, more than 62% of producers in agriculture use propane to heat their animal containment areas and livestock buildings. Besides keeping their animals warm, propane in their containment areas can also help in the following ways:

  • Clean and sanitize dairy parlors
  • Provide warm baths for horses
  • Keep drinking water from freezing in cold weather

Another benefit of using propane in animal containment areas is that there are 37% fewer greenhouse gases emitted when using propane-powered water heaters compared to electric ones.

Propane-Powered Generators Keep the Power On

Propane-powered generators are advantageous on the farm because they won't loser their power during outages. This is especially important if you have any of the following:

  • Mechanically-ventilated production facilities
  • Equipment for milk handling
  • Areas that require constant refrigeration

By not having an alternative source of power in emergency situations, it could not only result in a huge financial loss, it could also be detrimental to livestock as well. A few more benefits to having propane-powered generators on the farm is that they have a long shelf life, and propane gas can easily be contained in tanks or small cylinders.

If you are a farmer who would like to see how propane can be advantageous to your operation, contact a propane dealer today.

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