Coming Up With A Reusable Box For Your Subscription Service

Subscription box services of all kinds are popular for today's consumers. Paying a set amount to try out different products each month is an exciting prospect for most consumers. If you have created a subscription box service, you know how important it is to properly select and curate the products for a box. The products that you select should be based on your consumer's profile. Another point of interest for your business should be the creation of a custom box. A custom, reusable box is one of the best forms of advertisement that you can put inside of a customer's possession. Here are three ways to create a reusable box for your subscription service. 

Design a custom corrugated box

If you want consumers to want to keep your box around after opening the products, you must be sure that the box has a design that is eye catching. Place your logo or a saying that your audience would like on the outside of your box. Be sure that the corrugated box is in one of the colors of your business theme. Also be sure that the box is large enough for the products, but not so large that it cannot be kept on a dresser or moderately sized business desk. Having a custom box that is just the right size to keep will encourage consumers to reuse the box. 

Make the box a custom shape

A customized shape to the box will make the box worth keeping. Make the box in line with the theme of your business. For example, if you run a box subscription service for young girls who like to try out jewelry and makeup, create a custom box with an interior that pulls out just like a makeup drawer. For food box creators, use a round box and decorate the box to look like a hamburger. Thinking "outside the box" on box shapes guarantees that your mailing box design will be just as desirable as your product. 

Give tips on how to reuse the packing materials

Before you select the packing materials, decide, with your box designer, on the best reusable packing materials. Bubble wrap, confetti packing materials, and wrapping paper all make for good packing materials. Select the packing material with your custom shipping company and figure out just how each can be reused. Inside of the box, include suggestions for ways that your consumer can reuse the wrapping materials, such as in decoration, repackaging, or in using and storing the items themselves. 

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