Why The Lighting Fixtures Of Your Home Aren't An Afterthought

When planning your new home's décor or even remodeling, you will think about everything: The color scheme, flooring, walls, furniture, carpets, and rugs.

If you are like most people, you'll hardly think of the lighting until much later. By then, it may be too late, or a little costlier to make the changes you want. So what do you gain by integrating lighting early on in your remodeling plan?


The right lighting can give your space character while making it more attractive. When you have a lighting plan, you get to choose the right lighting fixtures to complement the rest of your décor.

Do you have a fireplace, a spiral stairwell, or an oddly shaped room? You can place your fixtures strategically to enhance these spaces.

A chandelier will make a room look grand and elegant while an ambient light will make it cozy. You can also use sconces highlight your favorite artwork.


What ambiance do you want to create? You can use light fixtures to create a mood you want or change it. With the right lighting, you can easily move from a cozy to a festive mood.


What do you want to use the space for? For reading, lounging, sleeping, or cooking? When you have an advance lighting plan, you get to install the right lighting fixtures according to your needs. Do you intend to use the space for different things? For example, if you'll be using your bedroom for reading or working, you may want to add a task light.

Do you want to draw attention to a specific area of the room, such as a display cabinet? Specialty showcase lighting will be most valuable here. Like most people, you'll probably be using your living room for many activities. You will need layered multiple fixtures for the variety of activities.

Size of the Room

Some lighting fixtures may not offer sufficient lighting. One pendant light may not be adequate for a large room. On the other hand, a chandelier may not look good in a small space.

When you plan your lighting in advance, you get to make sure you have the right lighting fixtures for the room size.

Energy Efficiency

With an advance lighting plan, you have an opportunity to introduce energy efficient fixtures such as dimmer switches. These allow you to dim your lights and save energy.

Extra outlets and Modern Fixtures

Advance lighting planning allows you to add new outlets to an old house. You can also add modern built-in lighting fixtures such as recessed or architectural lighting.

Planning your lighting in advance will make a huge difference in your home. It will be more appealing, more versatile, more energy efficient, and better lit.

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When planning your new home's décor or even remodeling, you will think about everything: The color scheme, flooring, walls, furniture, carpets, and ru